January 27, 2015 newblackprimary1

New Web Browser Vivaldi Launches

Today the former CEO of Opera, Jon von Tetzchner, launched a new web browser for power users called Vivaldi. This new web browser was released as a tech preview with many new features still under development, but from what I have seen so far, this appears to be a very promising product for both power users who want more from their web browsers.

Some of the features included in the tech preview are Quick Commands, which allow you to quickly search through various settings, history, open tabs, bookmarks and more with a single keyboard shortcut. The stated aim is to make the Quick Command menu highly customisable, allowing you to make your own commands and run them quickly.

Another feature of Vivaldi is the Notes panel. Vivaldi allows you to take notes while browsing and add screenshots right in the handy Notes panel. The notes will automatically remember which site you were browsing at the time and allow you to add tags, to easily organize and find them later. Pretty nifty if you ask me.

Tab stacks is another interesting feature in Vivaldi, and personally my favourite thus far, that allows you to organize all your tabs into stacks based on interest or category of your choosing. This is a great organizational feature of the web browser. I know for me when I have dozens of tabs open it can be hard to keep things organized and accessible, this feature enables users to create a far more organized user experience for themselves.

Vivaldi has been clear that this is just the tech preview and many other features will be rolled out over time, including a hint of a mail integration, sync options to keep your notes, bookmarks and history accessible across various devices, and a greater emphasis on speed and optimization.

I personally enjoy this browser so far and will continue to play with the various available features. If you would like to take a look at the Vivaldi web browser, head over to http://vivaldi.com/ to download the tech preview.

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